State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering

The State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering (SKLOE) was founded in 1985, and officially opened to the public in 1992. Equipped with test facilities including deepwater offshore basin, ship model towing tank, cavitation tunnel, structural mechanics laboratory, wind tunnel-water circular channel, underwater engineering basin, etc.. The director of its Academic Committee is Prof. Wu Yousheng, a CAE academician, and director of Laboratory is Prof. Liao Shijun.

Laboratory has 124 permanent staff members including 76 professors (researchers), 3 academicians. Scholars from SKLOE have won a number of national technology awards including two first national science and technology progress awards.

The main research directions of the laboratory include major mechanical problems of ocean engineering, ship design theory and method, ocean engineering equipment and technology, deep-sea exploration and operation technology, and forward-looking technology of deep-sea resource development. SKLOE covers the first-class discipline group of marine engineering and science. 


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