National Demonstration Center for Experimental Mechanics Education

The Experiment Center of Engineering Mechanics (ECEM) was founded in 1996, and consists of the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (FML), the Solid Mechanics Laboratory (SML) set up in 1956, and the General Mechanics Laboratory (GML) set up in 1977 with its affiliated computer lab. The ECEM covers an area of 5370 square meters. Now ECEM has a staff of 18 full-time members and among them there are 4 professors and 5 senior researcher or engineers. In 1997, the ECEM was assessed by Shanghai Education Commission as one of the first Shanghai Basic Laboratories, and was rated as Shanghai and National Demonstration Center for Experimental Mechanics Education in 2007. The center has passed the national CMA metrology certification. 

The center provides experimental teaching of mechanics basic courses for 23 engineering majors in the university, including Marine engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Power and Energy, Aerospace, material engineering, Environmental engineering, Precision instrument and other engineering platforms, and receives more than 3500 experimental students every year. Opened the theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, mechanical properties, fatigue and fracture of material and structure, composite materials mechanics, experimental stress analysis, vibration test and control, the flow field measurement mechanics testing and other modern technology and experiment teaching course, established a perfect hierarchical, modular, open practice teaching system in an all-round way, It is one of the most important innovative practice teaching bases of the university to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students of different levels and majors to cultivate their innovative practice ability in and out of class. It completes more than 35,000 hours of experimental teaching every year. The center has 3 national excellent courses, 3 Shanghai excellent courses, 2 national first-class courses and 1 Shanghai first-class course. In 2009, he won the second prize of national Teaching Achievements. In 2010, it was named national Excellent Teaching Team. In 2010, the course "Engineering Mechanics Experiment" won the title of Shanghai Excellent Course. In 2014, "Construction of Experimental Teaching System of Engineering Mechanics" won the first prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement. In 2018, he won the second prize of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Teaching team. 

The center has a number of advanced testing instruments and test equipment, such as MTS fatigue testing machine, high and low temperature material testing machine, laser scanning vibration measuring system, vibation table system, 3D more-pattern interferometer, circular wind tunnel, water tunnel, wind wave flow tank, PIV flow field testing system, high-speed acquisition system, etc. It has rich experience team in mechanical properties of structural materials, stress-strain test, fatigue strength test, composite properties research, dynamics and vibration control, vibration and noise measurement, fluid mechanics test research and so on. Relying on the first-level national key discipline of mechanics, the center has completed national key and major projects. Actively expand foreign exchange center and service for a long time, with the domestic and foreign well-known companies and research institute established close relations of cooperation, with the MTS company set up joint fatigue fracture mechanics laboratory, with the south Korean Seoul national university established creasing technology joint laboratory, with the national nuclear fuel assembly unit test base and so on, It has made important contributions to solving major problems in shipbuilding, civil engineering, energy, transportation, aerospace, nuclear engineering and other fields.

Director of demonstration center: Zhang Weigang

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Director of Experimental Center: Yu Zhengyue

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Teaching Environment


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The experiment building                                     Vibration Laboratory

1639364917114670.png 1639364923142469.png

Wind Tunnel Laboratory                              Photoelastic Laboratory

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Tension Laboratory                        Bending and Torsion Laboratory

Test Facility


Gas Floating Mechanics Simulation Platform


 Scanning Laser Vibrometer 


100kN Electromagnetic Vibration System

1639365266127610.png  1639365269626806.png

High Speed Full-Field Strain DIC Measurement System     High and Low Temperature Universal Testing Machine


MTS Fatigue Machine


Wave Tank


Gravity Circulation Water Tunnel


CAP1400 Independent Fuel Assembly Mechanical Test Bench

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