Facts & Figures

  • The department of Civil Engineering was founded in 1907.
  • The department of Naval Architecture in 1943.
  • The department of Engineering Mechanics in 1958.

2134 Students

The college currently has 2134 students, including 750 full-time undergraduates, 823 master's students, and 579 doctoral students.

Undergraduate students Graduate students Ph.D candidates

Many “firsts”

Students and alumni of the School of NAOCE have created many “firsts” in modern and contemporary China and even world history: the first nuclear-powered submarine, the first 10,000-ton freighter, the first manned lifeboat, the first double-track towing tank, the first inshore drilling platform, etc.

4 Departments

NAOCE boasts a contingent of high caliber faculty working in naval architecture and ocean engineering, engineering mechanics, civil engineering, architecture, and international shipping.

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