MOE Key Laboratory of Hydrodynamics

The MOE Key Laboratory of Hydrodynamics was established in 2008 at SJTU by the Ministry of Education of China.It is a research center for studies on cavitation, water entry, water exit, nonlinear water wave dynamics, multi-phase fluid flow and marine environment. There is a PC cluster system for development and applications of CFD codes associated with cavitating flows and water waves. The facilities for experimental investigations include a cavitation tunnel, wave-current-wing flume, environmental flow basin. 2D LDV and 3D PIV are available to carry out measurements of flow fields. Details of the major facilities are as follows:

1)Cavitation Tunnel: This is a gravity type cavitation tunnel. The maximum velocity is 12m/s. 

2)Wave Flume: The principal dimensions of the wave flume are 60m×1.0m×1.2m. This facility can generate irregular wave, current and wind.

3)Environmental Flow Basin: The basin is used to study the sediment transport and local scouring around marine structures under effects of tidal flows. The dimensions of the basin are 24 m long, 7 m wide and 0.5 m deep.

4)Wind Tunnel: There are five wind tunnels for education and research activities.

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