MOE Key Laboratory of Marine Intelligent Equipment and System of the Ministry of Education

The Key Laboratory of Marine Intelligent Equipment and System of the the Ministry of Education is a new type of laboratory towards the ocean, the future and the major national needs. It is the main institution for the national marine safety science and technology consulting and the main source of international cutting-edge academic innovation, as well as the main base for leading the research and development of national marine intelligent equipment.

The construction of the laboratory is based on the national key disciplines of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in collaboration with the national key disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering. These five national key disciplines have all been selected into the construction plan of the first-class disciplines by the Ministry of Education. 

The main research office of the laboratory is located in Shanghai Jiao Tong University Minhang Campus, with a total office and test room area of more than 3,200 square meters. Since March 2018, the laboratory has started the construction of the "Marine Equipment Intelligent Evolution Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University" in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, to help China's "marine equipment + artificial intelligence" to achieve global leadership. The center includes 600 hectares of the sea test site, 1,000 square meters of the shore-based command center, 1,000 square meters of the test and preparation center for water and land joint adjusting, which can support various surface and underwater intelligent equipment and systems to carry out experimental research on prototypes with technology maturity level 5 and above and intelligent evolution evaluation research. In 2019, the laboratory was awarded the Approved Certificates of Suppliers on Intelligent Ship/USV Test Site Service by the China Classification Society, becoming the only accredited unit among Chinese universities.

The laboratory aims at the national needs. Since 2018, it has undertook multiple science and research projects, such as the National Science and Technology Major Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese National Programs for Science and Technology Development, Provincial and Ministerial Major Science and Technology Programs, and Major Lateral Cooperation Projects, with the contract amount exceeded 200 million yuan. In addition, the laboratory has been awarded 6 scientific and technological progress awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level. 9 people in the laboratory have been selected as national or provincial and ministerial talents. More than 100 high-level academic papers and 2 monographs have been published. 37 patents have been authorized or published.

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