China Strategy Institute of Ocean Engineering

        China Strategy Institute of Ocean Engineering (CSIOE) was established by the Chinese Academy of Engineering relying on Shanghai Jiaotong University, with the participation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of education and Shanghai. It is the first National Engineering Science and technology think tank in the marine field in China. Since established in 2015, jointly with Chinese government agencies, industrial departments, universities and scientific research institutions,CSIOE has formed an open strategic research platform with academicians as the core, high-level talents as the backbone and outstanding young and middle-aged scholars as the support. Focusing on marine scientific and technological innovation, high-quality development of marine economy, transformation and upgrading of marine industry and protection and maintenance of marine rights and interests, CSIOE has carried out high-level, forward-looking, comprehensive and sustainable marine equipment strategy research in the direction of deep sea, polar, green and intelligence, so as to provide support for scientific decision-making of national, local and industrial enterprises.


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