The school of OCE is developing close coorperative relationships with world-class universities and research institutes.We are engaged in international cooperative education,recruiting outstanding faculty members at home and abroad,orgnizing research collaborations with international research institutes these years.

International Assessment: 
        The school has passed the comprehensive assessment orgnized by SJTU.The assessment group consists of 8 assessment experts from MIT, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Newcastle,etc.They think that the school of OCE has a long history of education and has got significant progress in recent 5 years. Besides,research teams of the school has the active academic performance, and have good relationships with industrial community, part of whose academic directions have reached the international advanced level.

Academic Communication:
        We hosted a lot of  international meetings such as the 7th International Workshop on Ship Hydrodynamics, IWSH‘2011, the 5th International Conference of the Port-city University League (PUL ’2011, The 11th Pacific-Society of Ocean and Polar Engineers, the Second Joint SJTU-NCL Research Workshop,international conference on sustainable development of criticao infrastructire,etc.

        We also has many coorperative centers such as LRET UCL-SJTU-HEU Joint Research Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Chiba University International Cooperative Research Center, International Research Center For Architecture Heritage Conservation,etc.. At the same time,we have eatablished sustainable coorperative relationships with Norway‘s state oil company and Norwegian university for academic frontiers such as new marine energy use etc..

International Education:
        We have student-exchange programmes with Chiba University , Yokohama National University,Nanyang Technology University ,University of Munich.Students could gain degrees from co-education between OCE and University of Newcastle, Paris Institute of Technology ,University of Birmingham.We also have good coorperative relationships with StevensInstitute of Technology,Texas A&M University,Osaka University and etc.

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