The School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering(NAOCE) consists of four departments: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering, covering four first level disciplines among which Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering ranks No.1 in ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 and Civil Engineering ranks No.27 in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019.

NAOCE has a group of internationally leading-edge laboratories and testing facilities, such as State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, Integrated Research Platform of Deep-sea Heavy-loaded Operating Equipment, Key Laboratory of Marine Intelligent Equipment and System of Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Hydrodynamics of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Operation and Maintenance of Public Buildings and Infrastructures and other national and provincial scientific research bases.

As a source of high education and scientific research, NAOCE cultivated a large number of  scientific elites, technical experts and industry backbones, including the chief engineer of the 1st 10,000-ton freighter, the chief engineer of the 1st nuclear-powered submarine, the chief engineer of the 1st aircraft carrier,  the chief engineer of the 1st 7000m manned submarine vehicle, the chief engineer of the 1st 3500m unmanned remotely operated vehicle and other many technical experts. In the latest 5 years, there comes out talents in succession in NAOCE, achieving 5 national talent grants(2 NSFC “National Distinguished Young Scientists” grants and 3 NSFC “National Excellent Young Scientists” grants) and 35 Shanghai talent grants.

NAOCE always pay great attention in scientific research. With the purpose of serving the national strategy, NAOCE lays emphasis on production, learning, research and application. NAOCE accomplished full-sea deep unmanned submersible, large cruise, full ocean depth heavy-loaded operating mining vehicle, large offshore cutter suction dredger,  “HYSY 981” and other major research projects, making considerable development and remarkable achievements in term of scientific research.

Major scientific directions of 4 disciplines:


Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

˙   Major theory of mechanics and advanced method of calculation

˙   Technology of marine intelligent equipment

˙   Efficient acquisition of offshore new energy and comprehensive utilization of offshore clean energy

˙   Exploration and development of strategic seabed resources

˙   Test, operation and maintenance of Marine equipment in real sea

Engineering Mechanics

˙   High speed hydrodynamics

˙   Experimental mechanics of equipment testing

˙   Experimental mechanics of flexible electronics

˙   Biomechanics

˙   Advanced material mechanics

Civil Engineering

˙   Digital construction, operation and maintenance

˙   Marine geotechnical engineering and structural safety

˙   New materials and structures

˙   Development and utilization of deep underground space

Transportation Engineering

˙   Smart shipping and logistics management

˙   Urban and rural traffic governance and construction

˙   Smart traffic and traffic environment

˙   Green traffic design and management

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