National Laboratory of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

National Laboratories are specified in accordance with “National Program for Long - and Medium - Term Scientific and Technological Development (2006~2020)” issued by Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Facing the major tactic needs of the state and the front of science development, aiming the front of innovation and the area of disciplines conjoining, and in the fields with Chinese features and superiority, the state laboratory should be located at a research-type university or a research institute, which possesses a sound background, numerous talents and higher academic level. In the state laboratory, a research institute should be established, which should be giant in size, conjoined in disciplines, comprehensive and integrated in nature, as well as innovation oriented in mechanism.

In January 2003, headed by a major principal, a leading group for the construction preparation was set up in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The application approval of and the construction preparation for State Laboratory of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering were taken into thorough considerations and made an overall plan with constant efforts. For three years, a large amount of work has been done on the base construction, a talents team formulation, the undertaking of state major scientific research projects, and etc. 

State Laboratory of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering would, making use of the superiorities of the comprehensive university, multi-discipline and disciplines conjoining, organize a problem-solving team. The team would cover several specialties, conjoin multi disciplines and be manned with first-class personals. The laboratory would take deep investigations on the following eight areas of basic theory and practical application: major mechanics issues concerning ship and ocean engineering, advanced testing of ship and offshore structures, new ship type development and design, advanced ship building technology, ocean engineering equipment and key techniques, underwater exploring techniques and devices, ship power plants, and ship and ocean engineering electric and electronic technology.

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