Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

        The department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) was established in 1943. It has been dedicated in scientific research and talent cultivation in the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Industry. Among the alumni of NAOE, there is the chief designer of the first 10,000-ton freighter, the chief designer of the first nuclear-powered submarine, the chief designer of the first 7000m manned submarine, and the chief designer of the first 3500m Remotely Operated Vehicle, etc. Doctoral programs of Ship Design and Manufacture, Ship Fluid Mechanics and Ship Structure Mechanics were accredited in 1981. The construction of State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering was approved in 1985. The disciplines of Fluid Mechanics, Structure Mechanics of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering were approved as National Key Disciplines in 1988 and National Primary Key Discipline in 2007. In 2006, the construction of State Key Laboratory of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering (in preparation stage) was approved.

        NAOE consists of one primary discipline (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering) and three secondary disciplines (Design and Manufacture of Ship and Ocean Structure (State Key Discipline), Marine Engine Engineering and Underwater Sound Engineering), covering many areas of ship and ocean engineering such as theoretic research, engineering technology as well as design and development.

        At present, the key research work focuses on the following: design and development of new ship type and new conceptual ocean engineering structure, research and development of all kinds of ocean engineering technology and equipment, research on advanced digital ship-building technology, basic theory of ship and ocean structure fluid mechanics and structural mechanics, advanced ship and ocean structure testing technology, underwater technology and equipment for ocean resource exploitation, underwater sound detecting and antagonizing, ship power plants, and etc..

        For half a century, the department has cultivated a large number of professional technicians and administrative personnel for the shipbuilding industry, the national defense division, and the offshore oil industry, the communication and transportation industries, thus becoming a national-wide leading and worldwide famous talents cultivating base. In recent years, four doctorial dissertations won the prize of National Outstanding Dissertation. In 2012, NAOE ranked No. 1 again in National Assessment on Ship and Ocean Engineering First-Class Discipline. Meanwhile, the discipline achieved a number of high-level results in many areas of scientific research and engineering design. The research on Strongly Nonlinear Homotopy Analysis Method had won worldwide attention, with two monographs in English and the non-self-citation record of more than 3000 times. Five prizes of National Science & Technology Advancement and Development were successively awarded in the past few years.

        Connected to the discipline development, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering actively took part in the international competition, completed with satisfaction more than ten international joint reaches, winning a good reputation in the sector of world ocean engineering, and was honored with Outstanding State Key Laboratory after the assessment organized by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Head: Xue Hongxiang
Associate Head: CHEN Li, WANG Lei, YU Long, TIAN Xinliang, WANG Hongdong

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