Educational Exchange Flourishes as University of New South Wales Delegation Engages with Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Date:2024-01-10 Reading: 760

As the year 2023 drew to a close, Professor Yang Jian and his team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) extended a warm invitation to Prof. Cynthia Changxin Wang and her students from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) for a week-long educational exchange. The vibrant exchange aimed to foster meaningful connections and intellectual collaboration between two universities. It kicked off with a shared commitment to cross-cultural understanding and academic enrichment.

Embracing SJTU Campus Life: Icebreaker Seminar and Local Courses

The event commenced with an engaging icebreaker seminar. The focus was a fervent exploration of undergraduate teaching methodologies, setting the tone for dynamic discussions on potential future collaborations between the two institutions. Beyond academics, students from both universities shared glimpses of their campus lives, exchanging stories highlighting common challenges and unique experiences.  

Responding to the warm invitation from Professors Yang Jian and Dr. Feiliang Wang, UNSW students explored SJTU's historical archives and took part in on-campus courses. These courses ranged from contemplating the future of sustainable development and construction to reflecting on the preservation of historical buildings, effectively showcasing SJTU's guiding principle - "When you drink from the stream remember the spring.”


Off-campus Courses: Exploring Cutting-Edge Techniques

SJTU's thoughtful off-campus courses, designed in collaboration with industry leaders like Shanghai Construction Group, offered UNSW students a firsthand look at advanced construction processes. Visits to a prefabricated container construction site and the "In Water One Side" project in Fengxian New City provided insights into groundbreaking techniques.

Professor Yang Jian, advocating progressive education, guided students to explore contemporary issues in construction, particularly low-carbon building. The visit to the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Green Technology Demonstration Building and the Yangtze River Delta Sustainable Development Research Institute showcased manufacturing processes for low-carbon buildings. This immersive experience covered renewable energy, bio-based materials, green insulation, and self-powered technologies.


Industry Insights and Professional Exposure: Broadening Career Horizons

In a strategic move to enhance students' future careers, SJTU facilitated a transformative exchange with Zhenghong Group. As a distinguished engineering consultancy, Zhenghong Group has been instrumental in major projects, overseeing construction cost budgets. Guided by Zhenghong Group's board of directors, students delved into the rich history of engineering cost development, gaining a nuanced understanding of contemporary cost systems. Bringing the exchange to a fitting close, Professor Yang Jian extended an invitation for students to explore the Arup Shanghai office. The warm reception allowed students to experience Arup's work environment and seamlessly integrate into its collaborative ethos, anticipating a significant elevation in their career trajectories upon graduation.

The SJTU-UNSW educational exchange was a resounding success, fostering lasting connections and broadening the horizons of participating students. In this confluence of teaching and cultural exploration, both institutions embarked on a dynamic journey of knowledge exchange, marking the end of the year with a rich and vibrant learning experience.


                                                  Author:Xu Han

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