Closing Ceremony of SJTU-YNU Short-term Student Exchange Program 2023 Held in School of Ocean and Civil Engineering

Date:2024-01-08 Reading: 1138

On December 19th 2023, the Closing Ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Yokohama National University (YNU) Short-term Student Exchange Program for the year 2023 was held in Mulan Building. Professor Youhei Takagi and Jialin Han from YNU, made their trip specially to attend the students’ defense and closing ceremony. Professor Xinshu Zhang and Bin Xie as supervisor representatives, Ms Pengping Li from Office for Graduates, School of Ocean and Civil Engineering(OCE), as well as students from the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and the Department of Civil Engineering, participated in the ceremony. 


Ayumu Wakui presented the Study on Automatic Characteristics Extraction of the Separation Flow-Atmospheric Entry Capsule Wake Flow. Kenji Kondo introduced the Study on CFD-based Performance Estimation of Shop Motion and Resistance.

The presenting teachers and students had a lively discussion on the contents of the exchange students’ reports, and provided guidance and suggestions regarding their research directions in the future, which offered sufficient support for the students’ academic exploration. The two exchange students fully demonstrated their efforts and achievements in scientific research in their reports, while also expressing their gratitude for friendship with the students from SJTU. They said that the exchange program not only infused new inspiration into their academic career, but also expanded their understanding of Chinese culture. After the seminar, Professor Xinshu Zhang and Bin Xie awarded certificates of completion to the two exchange students and expressed their congratulations.


Yokohama National University is one of the earliest Japanese universities to establish intercollegiate cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Since 2009, when two universities signed the student exchange memorandum, with the exception during the pandemic period, more than 30 students had exchange visits every year, including short-term exchange students, dual-degree doctoral students, collaborative research students, etc., ranging in multiple disciplines such as Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. Up to now, the exchange program has been successfully held 12 times, which has enabled the two universities to develop a sustainable, steady and substantive cooperation, while also further implementing the strategy of talent cultivation in the context of globalization.

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