NAOCE Carries out Professional Education Activities for International Students

Date:2022-09-20 Source: NAOCE Student Affairs Office Reading: 79

On September 14, 2022, Gao Yi from the Graduate Education Office and Ma Jingyun from the Student Affairs Office in charge of international student affairs organized online professional education activities for the new graduate students of Grade 2022.


Firstly, 13 international students from different countries introduced themselves in turn. Later, Gao Yi introduced the training plans and curriculum settings of different majors for the 2022 graduate students in detail, focusing on the operation process and key time nodes of the course selection system, which is helpful for the international freshmen to make  reasonable training plans.


Mr. Ma mainly introduced the entry procedures of international students in China, registration arrangements for the new semester and relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, making adequate preparations for the entry and study of international students.

After the explanation, some international students asked supplemental questions, and the teachers answered them one by one.


The activity fully reflects the concern of  the Academic Affairs Office and Student Affairs Office to the professional education of international students, and lays a good foundation for the normal studies and research works of international freshmen in the future.

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