Regarding the Opening of Self-Study Classrooms for the First Half of 2024

Date:2024-03-20 Reading: 555

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Dear students,


    In order to provide a conducive learning environment for everyone while maintaining the regular teaching order, the school has decided to open the following classrooms for self-study starting from February 19th: 


    Among them, the classrooms 101-104 and 201-204 in the middle hall of Minhang Campus are designated as "interactive self-study rooms," allowing students to engage in discussions inside. Classrooms 101, 103, 301, and 302 have no desks but training chairs, thus they are not currently open for self-study.


    In the event of temporary classroom usage for large-scale exams or other purposes, the school will notify accordingly.


    After self-study sessions, please remember to take your personal belongings with you to avoid loss. Let's collectively maintain the order of our space, consciously uphold cleanliness, and refrain from uncivilized behaviours such as saving seats, consuming strong-smelling foods, or wasting resources. The last student leaving should kindly turn off lights, air conditioning, and other facilities to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.


Education Technology Centre

18 February 2024



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