Closure of the Nanyang North Road channel (channel No.1) | Latest Adjustments to School Gate Opening and Campus Traffic

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Dear teachers and students,

   The S4 Highway Fengpu Bridge and connecting project is a major project in Shanghai, stretching from Zhuanqiao main toll station in the north to south of Xizha Road in Fengxian District, with a total length of approximately 8.7 kilometers. Upon completion of the project reconstruction, it will significantly improve the east-west traffic capacity of the Minhang campus, effectively improve the slopes of various passages, and greatly enhance the cleanliness and aesthetics of the passage landscape. In order to coordinate with the construction of the S4 Highway Fengpu Bridge and connecting project, and after conducting research by the relevant departments of the school and taking into account the opinions and suggestions of teachers’ and students’ representatives, the closure time of the No.1 Passage will be further optimized and adjusted. The closure of Nanyang North Road Passage (No.1 Passage) will be postponed to 6:00 on February 26, 2024 (next Monday), and it is expected to be completed by December 31, 2024.

The opening adjustment of channels and campus traffic arrangements:

    The S4 project will renovate four internal channels on campus and construct one new internal channel (planned to start construction in August this year). The renovation construction will proceed from east to west, with the No. 4 channel (Nanyang South Road) remaining open throughout. Following coordination and confirmation between the school and the construction party, during the closure construction period of the Nanyang North Road channel (No. 1 channel), the No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 channels will remain open for normal passage.

1. On weekdays from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, small motor vehicles can travel unidirectionally from north to south on Shu Tong Road (from Nanyang North Road to Siyuan North Road Botanical Garden section), while medium and large vehicles, including trucks, are prohibited from passing.

2. Considering the increase in traffic flow at the "Meihuazhuang" channel on Siyuan North Road, this channel will be optimized in design, necessary traffic signs will be added, and staff will be arranged during peak hours to ensure traffic safety.

3. During peak hours on working days, vehicle control will be implemented on the section near the "Tieshenguan" channel on Siyuan South Road (refer to the red circle marked area in the map). Teachers and students with the need to pass through are advised to take alternative routes.

4. Medium and large vehicles with the need to pass through the east and west areas should detour from Jianchuan Road or Dongchuan Road to avoid affecting traffic on the main roads within the campus.

5. Coordinate with the local traffic police department to strengthen traffic safety measures along Jianchuan Road and relevant school gates during peak hours in the morning and evening.

School Gate Opening Schedule


To facilitate the entry and exit of teachers and students on campus, the operating hours of the North Gate 2 have been adjusted from 7:00-19:00 to 6:00-24:00. 

The Security Department of SJTU

February 22, 2024



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