Visit by Professors and Students from Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Date:2024-04-23 Reading: 681

On April 11, a delegation of 19 students (including bachelor, master and PhD students) from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, led by Prof. Yiliu Liu and Prof. Vojislav Novakovic, has visited the School of Ocean and Civil Engineering and the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering. Vice Dean in education, Prof. Jian Yang attended the meeting, together with Prof. Zhen Gao and Dr. Jingzhe Jin.


Prof. Jian Yang welcomed the NTNU delegation and briefly introduced the history, the major disciplines, and the main research achievements of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). He said that, NTNU and SJTU have a long history of cooperation in research in the area of energy and naval architecture and ocean engineering and he hope that, both universities can further enhance the cooperation in education and student exchange in the near future. Prof. Yiliu Liu from NTNU introduced the main participants of the delegation and the purpose of the students’ visits to China and to SJTU. Prof. Zhen Gao gave a short introduction about the departments, the research activities and the lab facilities at the School of Ocean and Civil Engineering.

微信图片_20240423090757.jpg微信图片_20240423090800.jpgAfter the meeting, Zhen Gao and Jingzhe Jin accompanied Prof. Yiliu Liu and the delegation for the tour of Ship Model Towing Tank and Deepwater Offshore Basin and introduced the functionalities of the two labs and the typical model tests that were performed.


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