The Freshman Entrance Education Activities for International Students of the NAOCE Were Held

Date:2023-09-26 Source: Office for Student Affairs Reading: 158

In order to help international students to adapt to the pace of life in China and better integrate into the learning and scientific research environment of the university, in September 2023, the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering organized a series of entrance education activities for international students.

On September 13th, international students followed the opening ceremony and freshman entrance education activities, listened to the development process of the college, and felt the infinite charm of industry majors. In addition, the construction of the NAOCE College Sub-center of the Student Innovation Center also provides more opportunities for international students to participate in scientific and technological innovation activities and social practice.

On September 19th,teacher Zhang Yimin introduced various points for attention to the students in detail. She extended a warm welcome to all the international students, expressed concern for the students who have not yet entered China, and gradually explained the affairs related to international students, including the relevant departments and teachers to help international students fully understand the international setting of the university, so as to deal with insurance, accommodation, visa and other related matters more conveniently and efficiently.


Then, the meeting further emphasized the importance of academic integrity and good style of study. Ms. Zhang reminded students to study the school discipline carefully, adhere to the integrity of scientific research and exam. In addition, she further introduced the awards related to international students, as well as a variety of student activities, encourage students to be proactive, and harvest growth and friendship in China. Finally, she hoped that international students can pay attention to personal safety, and have a good time in the university. 

The school of NAOCE will hold a series of cross-cultural exchange activities in the future, to promote the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign students.

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