Buy your tickets now! Tickets for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday will be on sale soon.

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For those who need to travel during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, please look here!

Shanghai Railway Customer Service Centre has announced that train tickets for the holiday will be on sale soon! On the first day of the holiday (June 8) tickets will be available for purchase on May 25; on the day before the holiday (June 7) tickets will be available on May 24. For those who plan to travel during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, do not forget to buy your tickets!

2024 Dragon Boat Festival Ticketing Calendar Details ↓!



In addition, you can enable the ticketing reminder in advance as follows:

 ① Select the date of the trip, click [Set Reminder].


② Select the departure station and click [Add Reminder]


You can also pre-fill ticket purchase information before the start time on the day train tickets go on sale. This includes filling in passenger details, train number, seat category, etc. When the ticket sales begin, you can submit the order with one click and complete the payment, achieving instant information submission. This makes ticket purchasing faster and more convenient. The operation method is as follows:




 Shanghai Railway Customer Service Centre




    • Phone:86-21-34206196/34206197



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