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In order to serve and unite all alumni, and to strive for support from all walks of life, the college has set up the Alumni Affairs Office. The office unites, organizes, and serves the alumni of the college to carry out various activities, builds a good platform for full communication, communication and interaction between the college and alumni, alumni and alumni, and builds a win-win alumni culture in order to realize the commonality between the college and alumni Development and growth.

The responsibilities of the office include, but are not limited to, organizing and receiving annual school celebrations and alumni homecoming days, irregular alumni back-to-school activities of various departments, alumni lectures, etc.; alumni contact and visits, alumni data update, alumni donation management, alumni Communication and sharing of information such as work briefings and alumni event news.

Alumni Affairs Office Contact
Contact: Ms. WEI
Address: Room A205, Mulan Building, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, China.
Post Code: 200240
Telephone: +86-21-34206694

    • Phone:86-21-34206196/34206197



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