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Naval Architecture And Ocean Engineering

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  • Biography

    2021.9 - Now, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Associate Professor

    2021.2 - 2021.8, Aalto University (Finland), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Postdoc

    2017.8 - 2021.1, Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH, Germany), Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory (FDS), Postdoc

    2012.9 - 2017.6, NPU, Xi'an, China, Doctor Candidate

    2008.9 - 2012.6, NPU, Xi'an, China, Undergraduate Student

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    ORCID: 0000-0002-4830-325X


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  • Research Interests

    AI-driven Design Methods of Engineering Systems

    Design and Analysis of New-Concept Marine Propulsors

    Developing Industrial Software with Boundary Element Method

    Innovative Acoustic Analogy Algorithm for Marine Propellers' Underwater Radiated Noise

    Coupling Vortex Particle Method and Finite Volume Method for tip vortex simulation

  • Academic Services

    Academic Organization:

    Member of CSNAME (the Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers)

    Journal Reviewer:

    Physics of Fluids

    Ocean Engineering

    Journal of Hydrodynamics

    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering


    Session Chairs for Conferences:

    2019, 11th International Workshop on Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics (IWSH), Hamburg, Germany

    2018, 8th International Conference on Vortex Flow Mechanics (ICVFM), Xi'an, China

  • Research Projects

    Academic Research Projects (As Project Leader):

    Investigation about FVM-VPM coupling method for efficient and accurate analysis of tip vortices. Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. 2023-2026.
    Numerical algorithm for marine propeller's tip vortex by coupling finite volume and vortex particle method. NSFC, 2024-2026.

    Industrial R&D Projects (As Project Leader):

    The Hydrodynamic Optimal Design of 1.2MW Rim-Driven Thruster. 2023

    Other Projects (As Participant):

    Fundamental Research for the Design of Cutter Suction Dredger. 2023

    Experimental Studye of the Sea-going Performances of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger. 2023

  • Selected Publications

    Journal Publications:

    王有江, 刘正浩, 余龙.船舶螺旋桨空化噪声的数值预测方法分析[J].船舶工程,2023,45(03):20-31.

    Youjiang WangAn easy-to-implement highly efficient algorithm for nonlinear Kutta condition in boundary element method. Physics of Fluids 34:127111. 2022.

    Youjiang Wang, T. Mikkola and S. Hirdaris. A fast and storage-saving method for direct volumetric integration of FWH acoustic analogy. Ocean Engineering, 261(January), 112087, 2022.

    Youjiang Wang, K. Wang and M. Abdel-Maksoud. noiseNet: A neural network to predict marine propellers’ underwater radiated noise. Ocean Engineering, 236(6):109542, 2021.

    Youjiang Wang, U. Göttsche and M. Abdel-Maksoud. Sound field properties of non-cavitating marine propellers. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (11): 885, 2020.

    Youjiang Wang and M. Abdel-Maksoud. Coupling wake alignment lifting line method and boundary element method for open water and unsteady propeller simulation. Ocean Engineering, 213:107738, 2020.

    Youjiang Wang and M. Abdel-Maksoud. Application of remeshed vortex method for the simulation of tip vortex at high Reynolds number. Aerospace Science and Technology, 93:105347, 2019.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud, and B. Song. A boundary element-vortex particle hybrid method with inviscid shedding scheme. Computers & Fluids. 168:73-86, 2018.

    Youjiang Wang, and M. Abdel-Maksoud. Application of remeshed vortex method to the simulation of 2D flow around circular cylinder and foil. Ship Technology Research. 65(2):79-86, 2018.

    X. Wang, B. Song, P. Wang, W. Tian, and Youjiang Wang. Surrogate-based optimization of location hole for contactless power transmission system. Ocean Engineering. 157:35-43, 2018.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud, and B. Song. Simulating marine propellers with vortex particle method. Physics of Fluids, 29(1):017103, 2017.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud, and B. Song. A fast method to realize the pressure Kutta condition in boundary element method for lifting bodies. Ocean Engineering, 130:398-406, 2017.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud, K. Wang, and B. Song. Prediction of tip vortex cavitation inception with low-order panel method. Ocean Engineering, 125:124–133, 2016.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud, and B. Song. Convergence of different wake alignment methods in a panel code for steady-state flows. Journal of Marine Science & Technology, 21(4):567–578, 2016.

    Baowei Song, Youjiang Wang, and Wenlong Tian. Open water performance comparison between hub-type and hubless rim driven thrusters based on CFD method. Ocean Engineering, 103:55–63, 2015.

    Academic Conference Publications:

    Youjiang Wang. On suitable CFD setups for cavitation dynamics. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1288(1), 012053. 2023.


    Youjiang Wang, Mikkola T, Hirdaris S. Hydroacoustic evaluation of cavitating flow based on direct FWH approach and dual mesh technique. SMP’22, Wuxi, China: 2022.

    S. Krüger, Youjiang Wang, M. Scharf, U. Göttsche, and M. Abdel-Maksoud. A hybrid calculation concept for single and multi-component propulsors. SMP’19, Rome, Italy, 2019.

    Youjiang Wang, U. Göttsche, M. Abdel-Maksoud, and S. Krüger. Different techniques to simulate tandem propeller with Boundary Element Method. IWSH 2019, Hamburg, Germany, 2019.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud. Application of Remeshed Vortex Method for the Simulation of Tip Vortex at Re=53000. ICVFM 2018, Xi’an, China, 2018.

    Youjiang Wang, M. Abdel-Maksoud, P. Wang, and B. Song. Simulate the PPTC propeller with a vortex particle-boundary element hybrid method. SMP’17, Espoo, Finland, 2017.

  • Teaching

    Undergraduate Courses:

    Fundamentals of Ship Design II (Hydrostatics), NAOE3325, 2023

    • Phone:86-21-34206196/34206197



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