An Chao

Engineering Mechanics


Address: A802-2 Mulan Building, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, China

  • Biography


            2017.2 --                        Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Engineering Mechanics)              Assistant Professor

            2015.9 -- 2017.1            UCLA (Geophysics)                                                                        Postdoc (with Prof. Lingsen Meng)

            2015.2 -- 2015.8            Cornell University (Fluid Mechanics)                                             Postdoc (with Prof. Philip Liu)


            2011.1 -- 2015.1            Cornell University (Fluid Mechanics)        Ph.D. (Advisor: Prof. Philip Liu)

            2007.9 -- 2010.7            Peking University (Geophysics)                 M.S. (Advisor: Prof. Cai Yongen)

            2003.9 -- 2007.7            Peking University (Geophysics)                 B.S.

  • Research Interests

    My research interests focus on seismological observations related to fluid mechanics, which I call fluid seismology or seismological fluid mechanics. More than 70% of the Earth surface is underwater, and scientists use various instruments for seismological observations on the seafloor, such as ocean-bottom pressure gauges, ocean-bottom seismographs, etc. The observations often contain both seismological and fluid mechanical information. My goal is to understand the mechanical process and cause of the data, extract useful information, and develop novel research methods. Detailed research interests include: tsunamis and tsunami warning, ocean-bottom pressure and ocean-bottom seismograph noise.

    This Google scholar page summarizes my publications:

    My Chinese personal webpage provides a list of tools my students and I have developed for research. They are kepted updated, and more will be added. See tab 文件共享 at

    • Phone:86-21-34206196/34206197



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