Fundamental Theory and Calculation Method Regarding the Analysis of the Dynamic Interaction Between Saturated Soil and Pile Foundations

Date:2016-03-07 Reading: 555

        The pile foundation is widely employed in the construction of high-floor building, bridge and high speed railway. The saturated soil resulting from high amount of moisture in the soil, together with earthquake wave and traffic load, is liable to incur up the loosening of the pile foundations in the soil. Shanghai area is characterized by saturated soil; the moisture in the saturated soil poses a tremendous challenge to the city construction and planning. Under the effect of the dynamic load, the transfer mechanism of the pile in the saturated soil, which is relevant to the multi-field coupling, is commonly regarded as a conundrum around the globe.

        After 15 years‘ commitment to research, the research team led by the OCE of Shanghai Jiao Tong Uniersity succeeded in setting up an efficient analytical mechanism and calculation model regarding the dynamic response of the pile foundation in the saturated soil, which is theoretically helpful to the design and construction of the pile foundations in the area characteristic of the saturated soil as well as the vibration control in the circumstance of the metro and high-speed railway.

        The research achievements, which have been accepted into The Design Guidelines of Pile Foundations made by Shanghai Municipal Government, have provided the theoretical and technological support for the analysis and control of microvibration generated bythe pile foundation in the construction of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility. In addition, the achievements have also been put into application successfully in the projects such as Shanghai Hongqiao Comprehensive Pivot of Tansportation and Shanghai International Financial Center. It is estimated that the construction costs have been reduced by more than CNY 100 million thanks to the NAOCE’s intellectual property. The researchers are now seeking for the possibility to apply the technology into the exploration of the load carrying capacity and the security of the pile foundations in the ocean area.


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