Numerical Basin Model and the Research in the Software Integration in regard to Naval and Ocean Engineering

Date:2015-11-23 Reading: 148

The NAOCE of SJTU has launched the construction of the numerical basin model and the research in the software integration in regard to naval and ocean engineering.

    In response to the complicated flowing problems incurred by the vessel and the ocean, the NAOCE of SJTU has self-independently developed the grid solver named as NAOE-FOAM-SJTU and the non-grid solver named as MParticle-SJTU. Both of these solvers have been entitled to the intellectual property rights. 

The numerical simulation and the experimental comparison of the the ship’s bow


The Non-Grid Numerical Simulation of the Green Water Occurrence on the Deck with the Particle Method

The numerical simulation of the self-propelled experiments in the case of the interactive functions of the vessel, propeller and helm
The Non-Grid Simulation of the Sloshing of the Liquid Tank with the Particle Method 

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